Tuesday, December 20, 2011

three month love

 I love this new little lady in my life. She's been such a sweetheart. Just this week she has really come to life. She has been talking up a storm. Her voice is the sweetest sound. Hearing her coo  slows everything down for me. Her little talking moments calm me down and make me laugh at the same time. It's the perfect therapy for a mom of three. She's awake much more (which has been changing everything during the day)! But still she's happy and content.
 My other babies had their share of tummy problems, because of their Celiac I'm sure. So now that I've figured that all out I'm not eating wheat and avoiding dairy for the most part since I'm nursing her and it's made a huge difference. She's not without her own belly problems but she's so much better. It's so nice to have a baby that is happy and calm and sleeps peacefully!


  1. She truly is stunning! I just love her beautiful little face Jess!!

  2. She is gorgeous. I love her little face! Both of your other kids have Celiac, not just the little man?

  3. Yes, just a few months ago A kept saying her belly was hurting and had her tested. She's never had any problems until lately. It does make it easier cooking though. Sort of a cut and dry thing instead of trying to accomodate two diets.


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