Tuesday, March 27, 2012

spring in full swing

 Spring is in full swing around here. Everything seems to be fresh and new.  Even the kids seem to be growing by leaps and bounds. Some little girl learned how to ride her bike this weekend. She picked it up in a blink. It's just like her, to get something like that so quickly. She always has been a fast learner. It took two days of taking her around the block. We took her out tonight and she has it down pat. She can stop herself and everything. Let me tell you teaching a kid to ride their bike is a workout!
Our little man is finally getting the hang of riding his trike too. He has been riding a big kid scooter since we bought one when he was eighteen months old. He's so good on the thing and when I got him a trike for Christmas I thought he'd be ready for it. Not so, at least not until this past few weeks can he ride it. It's all he wants to do from the minute he gets up in the morning.
Little dovie started sitting up this weekend. She is so happy. Look at that belly. She's so rolly polly right now. It's the best.
As for me I'm glad for spring. It's just what I needed. More outside time and a good change has made everyone happy which makes me happy. I feel like I've got the hang of things with three kids. Which gives me more time to enjoy all these sweet moments more. Mostly, life is feeling like it is so very good.  

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