Saturday, March 31, 2012

things that make me happy

Weekends are so nice. It's especially nice to have dad all to ourselves. Having three kids gets hectic sometimes, let me tell you. Everyone including me is happier to have dad home. He's a good one too, plays with the kids, makes us breakfast almost every morning, true story.
Other things that make me terribly happy right now:
-looking out my kitchen window and seeing the blossoms on the trees
-the kiddos playing so happily (a nice break from the chaos)
-watching lots of Conference (as much as kids will allow) Conference weekends are the best
-gummy grins from one happy baby
-daffodils as we walk in the house
-Brett turning one year older (I still have a few years before
 I can stop saying he's in a whole other decade than me)

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