Wednesday, November 7, 2012

Halloween 2012

I'm a little late as always, but this Halloween was the best. It was a warm night and everyone was in good spirits. Brett and I took everyone around the block once and then the little man said he was done. I asked him if he wanted to get anymore candy and he said, "No, I have enough." He was just fine going home. So Brett took the littles home and I stayed out with my girl and we went around the neighborhood. Every few minutes she would tell me how much fun she was having the whole time we were out.
The night of Halloween she just cried everytime we put that little headdress on her so off it went. But she loved that baby all night long. She loves baby dolls already. It's really sweet to watch how happy she gets when you hand her a baby.

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  1. Hi Jessica,

    Let me just start off by saying that I mean no disrespect in this message. I love your blog and I send this message more as an educational critique and not a personal one.

    As much as I admire your craftsmanship in creating your family's costumes, and in your talents in taking photographs (seriously, you are an amazing photographer!), please think closely next time about your costume choice.

    As a fellow social worker, please watch the video about how to "Halloween responsibly." The video is kind of in-your-face, but it definitely gets the message across.

    I hope you are doing well.



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