Monday, December 17, 2012

all is calm

I love being in our home, especially at Christmas time. It's so cozy even with all the craziness. That's just what I feel like doing right now, settling down and hanging out at home. These are a few things around the house that have made me happy. 
-Two merry little legs
-Lots and lots of snowflakes and twinkle lights.  My mom and her neighbors cut all these snowflakes out for a Church activity. This was only half of them! If you look close you can see torn ones where my little superman boy has been trying to get them. 
-Everybody in the jammies snuggled on the bed reading their Christmas stories. All three of them sat there and read to each other for an honest to goodness fifteen minutes. True story. I'm sure it will never happen again. 
-A little elf sneaking ornaments off the tree
-Cheery gingerbread houses on the counter. My little boy is so allergic to wheat that he can't touch it lately without reacting so my mom found gingerbread houses made of wood so the kids could decorate their houses this year. 

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