Monday, December 17, 2012

heavy heart

I am still feeling so much sorrow for all those hurt by the shooting in Connecticut. I can't imagine losing a child and in such a terrible way.  In everything I've done this weekend, it has been on my mind. My thoughts keep turning to those mothers and fathers, their pain, so raw and so new, and so close to Christmas. Today I will send my little kindergartener off to school and already I am thinking about the mothers and fathers that will eventually have to find it in themselves to let their own children return to school. How can we ever let them out of our sight? But we do, so they can experience and learn, and live. I've been holding my own children tighter and trying to do my best.

My magoo here has been running fevers and feeling not so hot. I feel so grateful to be able to hold her and mother her. Right now I can console her so easily. Yesterday at church Ad and I were flipping through her notebook of her old drawings and giggling about the funny things she had written about the little people she had drawn. It was just like we were good friends. Times like that are magic. I'm so grateful to have them close.  I will try to not take anything for granted, to be happier in my mothering.

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