Friday, December 14, 2012

the grandparent gifts

 I'm just finishing the little odds and ends that need to be done before Christmas day. I'm happy with how simple and darling these turned out. We jumped on the gold hand print band wagon and did these today. The kids like doing them, aside from the baby. Miss Magoo was not a fan. We did some foot prints and after that she was all done. 
With trying to keep in the spirit of giving, I've tried to have a project that she can work on for her Grandparents. This little stitching project is her present for her Grandma's this year. It's been the best thing to keep her little hands busy. 
I think it's ridiculously cute. I sort of want her to make one for me. 


  1. That little stitchwork is ADORABLE! I'm impressed!

  2. She did that?! Where do I place an order? :) And I'm totally stealing your grandparent gift...


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