Thursday, December 13, 2012

Little girls gift guide

I really love getting gifts for my kids for Christmas, isn't it just fun? I want to get them toys that will be loved and that will encourage them to play and create and imagine. This year all my sweet, five year old girl asked for was an art set. How cute is that? I felt pretty good about that. Here are some versions of what my girl will be getting and some extra things that I think would make perfect gifts for a little girl. 
Dress ups. I did some thrifting and found some awesome dress up stuff to add to our collection. Made some simple headbands like these ones for when she gets in the mood to dress up. 
This pencil case is really fun. Or this personalized one. I'm sure making a pencil case would be ridiculously easy to figure out. If only I could figure out how to sew a zipper on. 
A little apron for when she's helping in the kitchen. She had one and has outgrown it. There is this one and this one, both so darling. 
 I made baby M a rag doll for her birthday and I think Ad really wanted one. I have saved this one for       the last minute but I'm hoping to get one done for her. This one is so sweet. 
I'm getting her an art set similar to this one. I found a nice one for really cheap. I know she'll love it. I picked up one of those easels that they have at Ikea forever ago for her too. 
I put a little paper-doll kit like this one from Handmade Charlotte, together for her. She's a kid that likes a good project and I can see her wanting to do this Christmas day.

double dutch jump rope set for in her stocking. I was out trying to teach the girls in our neighborhood how to double dutch with some old rope we had this summer. These should be a lot easier to use.  Pretty excited about these. 
A personalized memory game. She loves memory. Probably because she is so stinkin' good at it. 

-A new pair of earrings. She just has the one from when we pierced her ears and she's always asking me for a pair. These ones are adorable. Plated in gold for her sensitive little ears. 

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