Monday, August 19, 2013

little musician

Our little dolly here is at the best age right now. Brett and I are really so smitten with her. She's a funny girl and we are continuously surprised by the things that come out of that pretty mouth of hers. Just a few weeks ago she started saying full sentences. The first one I heard was the best as she stood in front of all of us and said,"My bum is itchy Mom." Of course my dainty girl would start with that line. But those sentences keep coming more and more and I still look at her in confusion every once in awhile and wonder how my baby (who really is not as little as I picture her) is telling me how she feels and what she needs so well already. She is trying her hardest to be big and keep up with the older kids. Not many things make me happier than her toddling after the kids or her whispering, "Mom, Mom, Mom," ever so quietly while we are saying prayers. Or her unruly hair, that will always do just what it wants to do. I just want to soak her up every morning, breathe her in and slow down all this growing she is doing right now. 
She was so happy at the piano with her dad. Learning to love it while she is little. Having a piano is something I hope I never have to give up. I love having music in our home. 

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