Tuesday, August 27, 2013

me and my boy

 As much as I protested school starting, I must confess it has been rather pleasant to have a schedule of some sort. At least having somewhere to be in the morning. We are all up early and ready for the day with breakfast and the everyday chores done before we get off to school. Which means we get to come home and have time just to play more. We lay the baby down and it's just me and my boy. Sometimes I forget that he really is a beautiful, happy, loving soul. Having sisters around doesn't always bring out the best in him. He does pretty good, most of the time but still it's so nice to put that aside for a couple hours a day and have him all to myself. All week I've just been feeling fascinated and awed by you. I watch him adoringly while we have good long chats about cars and bugs and all the sweet, simple things that fill your mind right now and it's been so good for us. 

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