Monday, July 20, 2015

fifteen weeks || the weekly bath with dad

watching him grow || fifteen weeks

this week it seems like he's changed so much. he is really starting to look around and see the world more than ever. before he would just stare at me when i held him and now those eyes are looking at everything around him. he's found those hands and sucks on those irresistibly chubby fists quite a bit. he's not so interested in his binky and i'm certain those gums are starting to bother him. working on that first tooth already. he doesn't want to lay his head down any more, he's always working to sit up and see what's going on. he's starting to move himself in circles when he's laying down, i'm already certain he's going to be a busy one. still he is so happy and those giggles and smiles come with ease. we are all smitten with him. he's been so good for our family and makes our home a sweeter place. 

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