Monday, July 20, 2015

sweet adelyn turns eight

i'm just getting around to looking at these photos of sweet adelyn in her baptism dress. i love who she is and what she is becoming. she lives in her own world; always singing to herself, creating little things out of scraps of fabric, dancing, always dancing. she busy's herself everyday. i think her mind goes a mile a minute with ideas of lemonade stands and activities and the latest club she wants to start. she loves to do cartwheels and leaps and always has some new injury from all her hard practice. she has a big heart and is such a big help. she's a good friend and always has someone calling her to come play. she tells me she wants to be a chinese acrobat when she grows up or work at jamba juice. she has a good eye for colors and still always impresses me with her artwork. she could do just about anything she wanted with that drive and motivation she has. her mind is like a steel trap and is fast becoming much smarter than me. i love her so much and love being her mama.  

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